2 Pairs Oval Athletic ShoelacesRound Shoelaces 532 Thick Sneakers & Boots



Our?shoelaces?are?extremely?wear-resistant.?You?do?not?need?to?worry?that?they?will?quickly?wear?out?and?break?apart.?You?also?do?not?need?to?worry?that?their?color?will?be?worn?away,?as?they?are?extremely?durable.? The?display?photo?has?an?explanation?of?how?to?choose?the?length.? Will Stay Tied All Day and Look – Perfect For Sneakers, High Tops, Kids, Hiking, Golf, Boat Shoes, Deck, Moccasin, Boots, Cleats, Basketball, Baseball, Football Perfect replacement laces for your Converse Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell, Nike Free Run, Vans SK8-Hi, Adidas Superstar, etc. Can also be used for any other DIY projects. Pack of 2 Value Meals.The Best Way to Find the Length of Shoelace You Need: Remove the Current Shoelace From the Shoe, Measure it from Tip to Tip, This is the Length for the New Shoelace – Keeping in Mind to Add or Subtract to Your New Laces if Your Old Laces are too Long or too Short


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