Footminders Seymour Women’s Orthotic Sandals – Orthopedic Arch Support and Comfort



ANATOMICALLY MOLDED – Our sandals support your foot arches for maximum comfort and wearability, whether or not you have flat feet, low arches, or even high arches. Our feet aren’t supposed to be flat, so why are most sandals flat as a board? You will never go back to flat sandals! WALK COMFORTABLY WHILE RELIEVING YOUR FOOT PAIN – Thong sandal with midsole made of compression-molded EVA material provides arch support and is pliable for shock absorption, cushioning and comfort. ADJUSTABLE FOR A PERFECT FIT – Cushioned straps can be adjusted for a perfect fit and maximum comfort. SUPERIOR LATERAL STABILITY – Deep heel cups cradle your feet and promote balanced and stable walking motion. Recommended by podiatrists and chiropractors to relieve foot pain due to flat feet and plantar fasciitis IMPORTANT: Our sandals come only in full sizes. If you normally wear half-size shoes, we recommend that you order the NEXT SMALLER SIZE. For example, a woman who wears a size 9.5 should order a size 9.


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