Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet – Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Guaranteed



Made in USA 2 high 5 wide PAINFUL, FLAT FEET? FALLEN arches? SKIP THE PRICEY $500 INSOLES: As a LEADING PODIATRIST (with flat feet!) I realize that MOST SHOE INSERTS have ??PROBLEMS??. They require cutting or have rock-hard arch support that radiates pain up your legs. That??s why I assembled a DREAM TEAM of INDUSTRY LEADERS to BIOMECHANICALLY ENGINEER Samurai Insoles! They OPTIMIZE the FUNCTION of your FEET & LEGS ?C COMBINING the BEST BENEFITS of an ARCH SUPPORT SHOE INSERT & CUSTOM ORTHOTICS, for 1/10th the investment! PODIATRIST DESIGNED, PROVEN BY 1,000+ REVIEWS ?C FIX FOOT PAIN AT THE ROOT: If you??re tired of foot conditions limiting your mobility, then you??ll love how Samurai Insoles GENTLY CORRECT the OVERPRONATION associated with LOW or FALLEN ARCHES and provide a CLOUD-LIKE PILLOW of SUPPORT for flat feet for QUICK RELIEF from plantar fasciitis and heel pain, especially if you’re someone who can’t tolerate rigid orthotic inserts for shoes or overly firm arch supports for flat feet. ??THEY FIT!?? NO GUESSWORK, NO CUTTING, NO STUFFING: Let??s be honest, most orthotics shoes and insoles are just plain ugly and make you want to hide your feet. Samurai Insoles’ SLIM, LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN SUPPORTS YOUR CHOSEN FASHION. Know your shoes size? Great! Simply choose your STANDARD SHOE SIZE above, slide them in, and WEAR THEM IN YOUR FAVORITE FOOTWEAR ?C whether you love sneakers, boots, clogs, slippers, or flats. THE SECRET? LOOK INSIDE OUR INSOLES for men or women! While most ARCH SUPPORT SHOE INSERTS are nothing more than fancy colored foam, or unforgiving hard plastic, we snuck a SPRINGY, FLEXIBLE INNER CORE INSIDE the insert. What customers love most is how it PROVIDES AMPLE SUPPORT, BOUNCES BACK & MOLDS TO YOUR FEET as YOU MOVE – so you get ideal support in all the right places whether you??re running, bicycling, jogging, water skiing, or jumping on the trampoline. INSTANT PAIN RELIEF, GUARANTEED? YES! AND CUSTOMERS AGREE, ??They just work??. Because we geek out about fixing foot pain, we could talk endlessly about WHY these are the best MEDICAL GRADE inserts we??ve ever ENGINEERED for my patients, in a STATE-of-the-ART ORTHOTIC LABORATORY right here in the USA. But you want A SOLUTION, NOT A STORY so we??ll just tell you to TRY THEM RISK FREE. Let us PROVE they??ll RELIEVE YOUR PAIN and leave your FEET FEELING AMAZING. Or your money back.


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