??The BEST SOCKS for the WORST Problem – Blisters. No matter which running style you prefer, from strolling to sprinting, don’t let blisters ruin your perfect day. 3 things cause blisters. Friction, Heat and Moisture. So how does Zeropes handle them? ??Secret – polypropylene. This special material is used for the US military. They are light, soft, elastic, moisture wicking and quick drying. Not to mention, polypropylene is used for diapers so they got to be comfortable. So they sound perfect for Anti-Blister right? ??But like kryptonite to Superman, this perfect looking material has some weaknesses. They are weak against heat and had some durability issues. So after hours of studying, we found out polypropylene wasn’t actually Superman, rather it was Robin – a PERFECT SIDEKICK. So Zfit & Zerowet fibres are based on polyester – a widely used fiber for running socks but are reinforced with polypropylene. ??Zeropes didn’t stop there. Remember you need to deal with the friction in order to get an anti-blister property? To make the socks on its place, we added Extra Fabric Support; an Arch Support, Cushioned Sole and a Heel Tab. To fight against the moisture and heat, 4 different types of Meshes are positioned. So really this is just Zeropes. Zeropes is the best socks that will make you STOP THINKING and START RUNNING. 100% GUARANTEE: Are you not sure if the size you buy does not fit you? Are you worried if the socks get ruined in a first few uses? We are confident about the quality of our products, so we offer a 100% GUARANTEE. If you find a better product on the market or unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us via Amazon or contact information on our product to get a replacement/refund or other solutions.


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